Our team can help you choose the product that will achieve the functionality you’re looking for, increase system efficiency, and allow for maximum visibility into your equipment



When choosing the best thermostat for your building, there are a wide range of options available. We understand that the choices can be overwhelming, which leaves many clients unsure of what best suits their needs.

Our service technicians and management team can explain your options and help narrow down the best choices for your space. Whether you would like control of your thermostat through an app on your smartphone, would prefer to have full visibility & control of the HVAC equipment in your building, or need to monitor a tenant’s HVAC equipment, our team can help. Our controls technicians are trained to properly install and service thermostat brands ranging from Honeywell, Nest, Ecobee and more. 


Have a larger building to manage? We are also well-versed in the installation & support of various stand-alone controls systems such as Verasys, Zonex, Honeywell RedLINK, and Carrier’s i-Vu platform.  Need a full-blown building automation solution? We can help with that too! We have several outstanding partners in the industry who specialize in building controls and can help guide you toward making the right choice for your needs.

We know the world of HVAC Controls can be overwhelming, so please call our team today to learn more about any of the following Controls solutions. We’re happy to discuss your options and show you examples of the choices available.


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