HVAC Maintenance is one of the most important steps you can take toward protecting your investment. Our expert HVAC Service Technicians are trained to diagnose, repair and maintain all types of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Regular scheduled maintenance provides a number of benefits for your system including increasing the life expectancy of your equipment, improving efficiency, avoiding costly repairs & system failure, and more.​

Our Maintenance Plans provide a number of additional benefits to you, our customer. In addition to having a trusted partner to take care of all of your system maintenance, repair, and replacement needs, we also provide the following.

Service Discounts

  • As a Maintenance Plan holder, you receive a 10% discount on any quoted service work completed for as long as you maintain your agreement with us.

Priority Scheduling

  • If you’re having a problem with your heating or air conditioning, you will receive priority scheduling, moving you to the front of the line.

Scheduling Reminders

  • Never fall behind on manufacturer-recommended maintenance! We will contact you for each visit to make sure your system gets the care it needs to keep it running strong.

Reporting & Data Management

  • All of the work completed by our technicians is documented and reported so you know the full history and current status of each unit on your property.

Peace of Mind

  • Know that your system is working correctly and saving you money all year round. If repairs are ever necessary, you have a trusted professional on call!​

Understand Your Equipment

  • Have a question about the age, type or lifespan of your equipment? With a maintenance plan, this information will always be readily available when you need it to assist with decision-making, budgeting decisions and more.

How Does it Work?

  1. We send one of our certified, experienced technicians to your home or place of business to get an overall analysis and diagnostic review of your HVAC system. This includes assessing the number of units, filter & belt sizes, and recording the brand and model of each system.
  2. After our initial visit, our team will present a HVAC Maintenance Proposal outlining recommended frequency, services, and cost. If applicable, our technician will also provide recommendations for how we could improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your existing system.
  3. Once you become a maintenance partner, it’s time to start enjoying the savings, peace of mind, and convenience! Our office will schedule visits for you to make sure we don’t fall behind schedule, and you will begin to receive discounts on any repair work that is necessary. The best part is, you will always have a knowledgeable technician on call who knows your system and will be able to quickly diagnose and fix any issues.